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Transition Year Information Presentation 2018/2019


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Transition Year is a great year for a lot of students, it’s a year that allows you to take a break from working towards a state exam while still learning and getting important life skills.

For many it’s a year to mature and is filled with many programmes and opportunities for pulpils to do things they would not have the time for during the Senior Cycle, there are programmes like Fun Fitness, Junk Koture, Airfield and many many more.

The TY programme is all based on applying yourself, so it focuses on how well students deal with doing work without having the stress of a state exam or a teacher constantly reminding them of their work as most of the work you do in TY is assigments and project work.

Transition Year Programmes

There are many programes in TY:

  • Fun Fitness
    Students work with local primary schools and help out in their PE classes.
  • AirField
    A gardening programme that works with a local kindergarden.
  • Junk Koture
    A creative programme where pupils make koture outfits from recycable material.
  • BITC
    A programme with Marks & Spencers which gives students an insight into working life.
    A partnership with Localise to organise a Christmas dinner for local elderly people.
  • Work Experience
    Students gain experience in difference placements for 4 weeks.
  • Gaisce
    The President’s award where students get awarded for community development.
  • Green Schools
    An environmental management, development & educational programme.


Student Insights

Rotunda & Bar of Ireland - Matylda

"I was involved in the Rotunda Mini Medical programe, during this programe 2 other students and I got to spend a week in the Rotunda maternity hospital. This was an amazing experience and gave me an insight on the work done in the medical field.


I also got to spend a week at the Bar of Ireland which is an organisation for barristers from Ireland. I had to apply to the programe by writting an 800 word essay on the life of a barrister, after getting on their TY programe I got to spend a week shadowing a barrister and seeing different court cases in the Four Courts and the CCJ. It was an experience that I won’t forget and it got me interested in the work done in the field."


Business in the Community (BITC) - Natanya

Business in the Community is a programme that comes hand to hand with the company Marks and Spencers. TY students are given serveral different opportunities within the programme such as:

  • A tour of the full Marks & Spencers building.
  • CV and cover letter preparation.
  • The chance to interview Marks & Spencers’ workers.
  • Mock interview.

"During the cv and cover letter preparation students are given tips to help us prepare for job applications.

We were also given several tips to help us with a interview such as eye contact and no chewing gum during an interview.

We are then given to chance to be interviewed by Marks and Spencers as if we are applying for a job in the company. Once the interviews are done pupils are given an insight on what they did good and what was their weakest point."

Sample of TY activities since September 2017