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Comis Chef Course

Together with the North East Inner City Programme we are currently looking for any members of the local community that might be interested in taking part in a 10 week Chef Training Programme.

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone wishing to upskill! The provisional details are below.

Please note the course is currently provisional but we are keen to hear from any interested parties.

If anybody is interested please contact the school or the NEIC on  01- 2225312.

Course Objective: This 10 week training programme will to prepare graduates for a career as a chef


Equip students with a solid foundation in cooking, and a focus on doing the simple things well.

Develop a sense of team responsibility amongst the students

Develop students’ organisational skills for a busy working environment.

Develop a respect for quality of ingredients and output.

 Course Schedule

The first 2 weeks will be full time 0930 to 1600 hrs Mon-Fri
The remaining 8 weeks will be part time 0930 to 1600 Mon-Wed, with work experience in restaurant kitchens for the remainder of the week.

Course Content

1.1         Core Culinary Skills

1.2         Breakfast Cookery

1.3         Classical and Contemporary Cuisine

1.4         Deli / Larder

1.5         Pastry Skills

1.6         Health and Safety

1.7         Other