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News From Week Beginning 4th of November 2019

We would like to wish everyone back after midterm. We hope that you had a lovely break and are ready to get down to hard work for the next term. The Christmas exams will be held from Thursday 12th of December to Wednesday 18th of December. Please ensure to get revision lists and exam questions to practice from you teachers.

Upcoming Events

11th to the 15th of November is Stand Up Week and Science Week. There will be arrange of activities planend throughout the week.

Cross Country Athletics will take place on Wednesday from 10am and there will be a number of students involved.

CAO is now open and we encourage all 6th years to register now to avail of the early bird offer of €30. If you have any queries please speak to Mr. Browne or Ms. Hynes.

Word of the Week

Our word of the week this week is “Predict”. This means to declare or indicate in advance, especially: fortell on the basis of observation, experience or scientific reason. 

Keep an eye for the posters around the school and try to use the word “predict” this week in your every day conversations! 

Request for Dear Me Exhibition

As part of our Stand Up Week programme we are hosting the "DEAR Me" exhibition by Allsorts. We would love to build our own bank of cards and would like if members of the LGBT community would write a card to yourself before you came out and send it into us. Please keep it anononmus so that we can share with students and on the school website and social media.

Pramerica Spirit of the Community Nominees

Congrats to Skye Murtagh and Jake Redmond who were both nominated for the 2020 Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards by the school! There were some amazing entries from our student body and we are beyond proud of you all for the wonderful voluntary work you do!

TY Hugh Lane Gallery Workshop


TU Dublin Presentation

Outdoor Pursuits

1st Year Assembly

6th Year Practical Achievement Task

Football Scholarship News


DCU Life Programme

5th Year English Table Quiz

VSEPR Theory 

Second Year Sandi Sexton Bookcraft Workshop