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Voting Now Open For Junk Kouture

Voting is now open for Junk Kouture!! Larkin have entries this year in the regional finals and we would really appreciate if you could vote for your favourite!

You need to register using your email or facebook then log in to voe for your favourite!

The five Larkin entries are:

FAN - tastically fashionable - Designed and modeled by Greta.

Chef Noria - Designed by Niamh, Nicoletti and Demi and modeled by Cheyenne.

A taste of Flamingo - Designed by Chloe and modeled by Suvd.

Oodle Noodle doll. Designed and modeled by Paulina.

I am Data - Designed by Jake, Leon and David and modeled by Jake.

Click here to vote!

Here is a reminder of the costumes!

Best of luck to all five of our entries!!