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The various departments in our school have created a number of partnerships with local businesses and organisation within the community.


The Gaiety school of Acting and its talented facilitators have been working in conjunction with Larkin Arts Scholarship students for a number of years. The partnership endeavours to engage students in creating original productions that allow the student to be apart of every step of the dramatic and creative process.

Past productions, whether they have been dramatic pieces, dance performances or fly on the wall documentaries, have been received with critical acclaim;

these include:

-The Stage is Set 1916(2016)

-Reimaging Education (2017)

- Avenue (documentary)(2018)

We are very lucky to have worked with such a cultural, historic and creative organisation that we hope to create more original pieces in the years to come

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Gaiety School of Acting Website

KPMG have been working with our accountancy students for the past year. They provide on site one to one accountancy grinds for students. This type of mentoring support is invaluable as it allows the relationship between the student and accountant to grow organically while trying to solve the accounting question they are faced with. It enables students to see how the work that they are doing in the classroom applies to real life as well as supporting them with exam tips and techniques for geting questions completed within the timeframe.We are looking forward to working with KPMG again in the coming year.

KPMG Website


This partner assists with service learning projects in the school. They prepare students to be of service in their local community.

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The Abbey Theatre welcomes students and stafff rom Larkin to the theatre.

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Larkin has had several poets and writers in residents from poetry ireland’s writers in schools scheme.


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Students studying art for the Leaving Cert make regular trips to the gallery. Students studying citizenship education attend workshops around issues that concern our communities.


We have worked with Irish Life over the past number of years on a mentoring programme for senior cycle students.

Students are asked to apply for a place on the programme and they are matched with a mentor for fifth and sixth year. The mentor meetings take place once a month from October to May and provide students with the opportunity to get advice from an outside persepective. This type of experience is invaluable to our students especially when it comes to supportung their choices after school. We are delighted to work alongside Irish Life in providing this opportunity to our students.

We have a long history working with the Dublin Lions Club and part of the work we do with them is the Larkin Scholars Programme. This programme supports students in their quest for third level education. 

Running this programme would not be possible without all the support we get from the Dublin Lions Club.

Encountering the Arts Ireland

Larkin CC is a member of Encountering The Arts Ireland. Here is a link to the alliance website:

Rights Museum Project

Click here to read a blog by Ms. O Higgins about the Rights Museum Project in collaboration with the Collapsing Horse Theatre Company and the Ombudsman for Children