Student Spotlight 2017

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Welcome to our new Student Spotlight area. We have so many talented students in our school so we decided to dedicate this part of our website to telling you all about the talents of some of these students.


 Alexandru(Alex) Rusu

The first student we would like to tell you about is Alexandru(Alex) Rusu. Alex is a fine young man in second year who is liked by all who know him. He does many great things in his life but he would like us to just focus on his art.

At the age of ten Alex liked drawing but, as he says himself, when he went to draw people all he could do was match stick men. His mother thought it was time for him to learn to draw a bit better so she enrolled him in some basic level art classes. This was a major turning point in his life as he developed a love for doing various forms of drawing and painting. He studies art for the Junior Cert and is now doing advanced art classes every weekend. 

Alex is now fourteen so it is only four years since his first basic art class. Click onto the three galleries below to see a sample of the work he has done. 

Well done Alex. We are all proud of you.