Students will be returning to school on a phased basis. Each year group will return to school separately and will take part in an induction programme which will including training in the new ways of doing things due to Covid19 and will also explain our COVID-19 School Response Plan to them.   

Mon 17th Aug – Thurs 20th Aug:    1st Year Induction Programme (only those students who  have registered for this programme online may attend

Friday 28th August:            Staff Training & Planning Day 

Monday 31st August:         Staff Training & Planning Day 

Tuesday 1st September:    6th Years – Induction Programme 10am – 12pm 

Wednesday 2nd September:1st Years – Induction Programme 10am -12pm

Thursday 3rd September: 3rd Years – Induction Programme 10am – 12pm 

Friday 4th September:      2nd Years – Induction Programme 10am – 12pm 

Monday 7th September:    5th Years – Induction Programme 10am - 12pm  

Tuesday 8th September:  4th Years – Induction Programme 10am – 12pm

Students will be given their timetables when they do their Induction Programme. 

On the first day all you need to bring with you is: 

  • Yourself - in full school uniform 

  • Pens and a notebook/copy 

  • Hand sanitiser 

  • Tissues 

  • 2 facemasks (in ziplock bag) 

  • Bottle of water and something small for a snack