Morning Break

All year groups have a ten minute break each day. This takes place at staggered times during the 10:30 – 11:40am class period.

10:40 – 10:50 6th Year Morning Break

11:00 – 11:10 TY and 5th Year Morning Break

11:20 – 11:30 1st, 2nd & 3rd Year Morning Break

Weather permitting the students spend their break time outdoors and are permitted to remove their face masks if they can maintain a 2m distance from others.

Lunch Time

In order to facilitate physical distancing and reduced interaction there are two staggered lunch times for students.

12:20 – 13:00 TY, 5th and 6th Year Lunch

13:00 – 13:40 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year Lunch

The canteen will be open and serving hot lunch Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.