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1st Year ELI Guidance Programme 2019 (48)

Well done to class 103  who have been working hard on the ELI Guidance Programme over the past number of months. On Tuesday they presented their career investigations to a panel of judges in the Citco Dublin offices! Really positive morning! Our projects included a lawyer, beautician, game designer, professional footballer, a vet and an actor! Well done to you all! Huge thank you to Aine and everyone at the Early Learning Initative for all their support with the programme. 

In Class Session 

Students from Class 103 have been busy working on the ELI Guidace Programme which involves them devolping the skills need to be able to work together in teams, as well as identifying their own skills and qualities. It helps them to begin  to think about what careers they might be interested in. Students have spent the past couple of weeks working on a project which they will present at Citco offices on Tuesday 3rd March 2020. As part of this they have had to do telephone and email interviews with different people working in the IFSC. This is a really important skill to develop and it is great to students begin to work on their research, telephone and email skills so early. 


A Day in the Life

Thanks to Àine & the team from ELI for having 1st year class 103 down to National College of Ireland for the at the”Day in the Life” event this afternoon! The students are currently participating in the ELI Guidance Programme which is encouraging students to start thinking about what they might like to do when they leave school. 

The Day in the Life Event gave students the opportunity to as people from different professions about their chosen careers and what they had to do to get there!!

Really great afternoon with lots of interesting questions from our first years!