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Accenture & Business in the Community Skills At Work Programme (3)

Over the past six months three of our fifth year students along with students from five other secondary schools from around the city centre have been working with Accenture and Business in the Community on the Skills at Work Programme.

The programme focused on the link between education and the world of work. Students visited Accenture where their employees shared their own experiences about their career paths, their current roles, cv and interview preparation and the skills needed in today's workplace.

Our students really benefited from this programme and each of them now feel more confident and focused as they are about to embark on their 6th and final year in school.

Here is what our students had to say about their experiences

"I really enjoyed the Skills at Work Programme, I felt I benefited most from the mock interviews even  though I dreaded the thoughts of doing them. The programme has really helped to develop my confidence and although I will be nervous going for interviews in the future I now feel much better about them."

Shauna Heffernan Class 503 

"I really enjoyed taking part in the Skills at Work Programme. The part I liked the most was getting out to the training facility in Santry and getting to sit at the computers and going through the training module. It made me feel like a proper office worker. I think the help we got with our cvs and cover letter was also great and will help me when I am applying for summer work. I think everyone should get  the chance to do this programme."

Robyn Brady Class 503

More pictures to follow.