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Arts - Reimagining Education April 2017 (24)


‘Reimagining Education ‘April 2017

Collaboration between Larkin Community College and the Gaiety School of Acting

Larkin Community College, City of Dublin ETB

This collaborative creative project served to ask the question of what is education today. Where has it originated from and where do we collectively want to go?

Thanks to Croke Park Community Fund we were given the chance to explore exactly that.

Resulting in 1-3rd year scholarship students embarking upon a five month journey of exploring the very definition of education: What does education mean and ultimately do for us? Is it a one size fits all model?

Or can it be altered in varying ways to suit individual needs? Is our current system working for us or failing us? Is standardised testing a fail safe way to measure intelligence?

We discussed ideas at length and talked about what WE wanted. Many voices articulating a common theme -' we’re just students. Noone will listen to us.' Gradually however, students realised that without a voice governing change, the system will never alter and the factory model set over 150 years ago will still be in place for their own children- a thought that ultimately spurred students into action.
All this research and discussion culminated into our one hour dramatic piece - ‘Reimagining Education’ which was held in the Gaiety’s Black Box Theatre, with 3rd years focusing on the past, 1st years dissecting the current educational climate and the 2nd years looking forward and giving a vision of what they wish the future of our educational system to be.

Have a look at the video to see our talented students getting their very powerful message across!


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