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Arts Scholarship Students Meet Ismael Ahmed (5)

Arts scholarship students today had the pleasure of meeting a very inspirational young man, Ismael Ahmed.

Ismael who is originally from Sudan told his extremely emotional and thought provoking story about how he came to reside in Ireland. Ismael spoke about the harsh realities present in countries such as his own,  he discussed education and the importance of obtaining an extensive one, as well as advising that we all should grab the opportunities that present themselves in life with both hands!

Students described Ismaels journey to Ireland as an inspiring yet harrowing one and they felt happy that he has finally found a safe place to call home. 
Students admitted that his story was eye opening and that through listening to his 1st hand account,  they understood on a much deeper level, the immense struggles felt by refugees across the globe. 

Thank you to Caoimhe Butterly from WWGS for facilitating today's talk and thank you Ismael for enlightening us about such a pertinent global issue!

We look forward to Workshop 3 in the New Year.