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Badminton Update - SCC (5)

There was a great turnout for the Inter age group of the Badminton league taking part in our school this term.

Students from Larkin Community College, Marino College, Presentation College Terenure, and Coláiste Dhulaigh were involved. The teams had great comradeship and represented their schools very well.

Results and those going forward to the Final of the league on the 6th of Dec are as follows:

Boys Singles:

Asif Oqbal (Larkin Community College) V Ice Dumar (Marino College)

Girls Singles:


Boys Doubles:

Sean Nolan , Darren Byrne (Coláiste Dhulaigh) V Darren Neville, Ryan O'Neill (Coláiste Dhulaigh)

Girls Doubles:

Sohyla Argiag , Zara O’Byrne (Presentation College, Terenure) V Chelsea Adamson, Katie Bannon (Coláiste Dhulaigh)

Mixed Doubles:

Ice Dumar, Sumana Begum (Marino College) V Dikhasha Ramsurn, Catalin Danca (Marino College)

Thanks to our referees on the day  and to the teachers who accompany the students each week.

Larkin Community College

Kome Effemmena

Asif Iqbal

Marino College

Catalin Danca

Ice Dumar

Calvin darcy

Adrian Tuzyk

Sumana Begum

Dikhasha Ramsurn

Catalina Ursu

Presentation College, Terenure

Sohyla Argiag

Zara O’Byrne

Tan Promnok

Flosie Jane Sozon

Coláiste Dhulaigh

Sean Nolan

Darren Byrne

Darren Neville

Ryan O'Neill

Chelsea Adamson

Katie Bannon