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Basketball News Week Beginning 15th of January (16)

1st Year Girls

Hard luck to our first year girls basketball team who lost 20-14 to Portmarnock CS in what was a much improved performance. Leah Tidghe was outstanding scoring 10 points and she was ably assisted by the athletic Illaan Maxamad and Gizelle Roldan. Sasha Donelly and Octavia Sirbu played well on defence.


2nd Year Girls

Our second year girls had an extremely impressive 18-4 victory over Portmarnock CS. The fantastic Joanne Bambe led the line scoring 4 points and working tirelessly on defence. Captain Alicia Jadia used all of her experience to help the team see out victory contributing 6 points. Sunna Begum was excellent through adding 4 points to the total. Tatiana Orlov dominated the boards once more adding 4 points on offence. Diane Hrivsecu worked hard throughout forcing many turnovers from the opposition. There were also impressive contributions from Queva Zheng, Trinity Moore, Gift Ibe and Cristiana somotiuc.