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Basketball News Week Beginning 21st of October 2019 (13)

Senior Girls
Our senior girls basketball team have qualified for the Leinster quarter final as group winners. They are still unbeaten for the season after an impressive 36-24 victory over Mount Anville. The girls had to perform at their optimum to take victory in a tense sporting game. Rose Mesquita was outstanding and gave an MVP performance on offense and defence. Amran controlled the point to aplomb helping the team settle after a slow start in which they trailed 7-0. The ever impressive Julia Bermajo had numerous steals and assists and added a verve to the offence that Larkin desperately needed.. Samantha Kerrigan was steady and reliable as always under the boards with her hard work and rebounding resulting in 6 vital points. Alicia Jadia was brilliant once again and has really added an impressive highlight reel this season, Two three pointers and a coast to coast basket being most impressive this afternoon. Tatiana Orlov fought like a lioness under the boards winning rebound after rebound and quenching the strong Mount Anville offence. Diana Hrvisceau was extremely impressive when introduced and had 3 steals and two points to her name. Joanne Bambe, Sunna Begum and Suvd Ulambayor made strong contributions from the bench to see the girls home. Fantastic performance girls and what a great bunch to represent the school. Well done to all. Scorers: Rose 10, Alicia 10, Julia 8, Samantha 6 and Diana 2.