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Carlingford Adventure Trip (19)

Carlingford Adventure Centre Trip
We went to Carlingford Adventure Centre from the 27th-29th of March and over the course of those three days we did six core activities with an additional two evening activities. 
Our first activity was Ziptopia; it was great fun going from zip line to zip line and an amazing start to our trip. Our second activity was laser combat which allowed us to dress up in camouflage jumpsuits and compete in team challenges; this brought our competitive sides #Sorelosers. In the evening we went on a walk explore the town and country roads, a far cry from the busy Dublin streets.
Our morning activity for the second day was kayaking where we battled nature’s elements of wind, tides and damp wetsuits #Mindovermatter #threetoesdown. We did a variety of different activities in the afternoon which included a 3D maze, archery and aero ball. Each activity focused on team work and communication especially in the 3D maze. Hope you’re not afraid of the dark or small spaces. In the evening we did a murder mystery which was a real life version of cluedo. 
On our last morning, we did Skypark. The Skypark was physically challenging and pushed us to our limits while also leaving us fearing for our lives at some points. Our final activity was rock climbing and abseiling. It was a great end to our trip. Overall it was a fantastic and memorable trip with amazing and helpful instructors, lovely meals and perfect accommodation.