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College Awareness Week 2021 (22)

This year as part of College Awareness week we had a daily Library Hunt! Students had to find a staff member who went to a certain college each day. At the end of the day all correct entries were placed into a hat and a winner was selected!!

All library classes took part in the College Awareness 2021 Kahoot and huge thanks to Jenny and Nessa for putting together a display of College & Career books in the library & on Sora. 

Thanks to Jenny   for putting together a Wall Display of our alumni showcasing to students what colleges our past students are attending!! This is such a great way of focusing and motivating students as it shows what our students are capable of!

Thanks to our TY Maths teacher Ms. Raferty for getting students to research how Maths could be used in their future careers!! There was some fantastic presnetations created!

Our Guidance Counsellor went around to all third year classes and delivered a presentation on  “Navigating My Path After Post-Primary School”! Thanks to the NCGE and Careers Portal for putting together such comprehensive resources! 

Later in the week TY students participated in "A Day in the Life" this was supported by ELI and NCI. It allowed the students to virtually talk to professionals who worked in different industries accross the city!! Really worthwhile afternoon and TY students really enjoyed it! Huge thanks to ELI, NCI and all the volunteers for their support.

Huge thank you to Avril and Jennifer form Abbey Capital for coming in to TY students to facilitate a workshop on CV and interview preparation! Great session, students loved that it is something that they can apply to life after school!

Thank you to all our staff and students who took part in the week!