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English Creative Writing Competition March 2020 (3)

Good Morning All,

We hope that everyone is keeping well and not too bored just yet... at this stage most of us have binged watched our favourite Netflix shows and are sick of the same four walls and negative talk of the current situation... 

So bearing that in mind we have come up with a little competition to engage your minds and get the creative juices flowing! 

We would like as many students as possible to write a speech or personal essay on the topic: 

                  'We Come Together by Staying Apart'

Within your writing you should discuss what YOU think we should be grateful for during these troubling times and ways in which YOU think we can come together by staying away from each other - i.e. even though this isolation is so difficult, it ultimately will be for the greater good! 

You could include top tips for staying physically active, engaging your mind as well as the best ways to virtually communicate with friends and family during this essential separation period! 

You could also include what you miss about your everyday school routine and what you'll appreciate more once quarantine is over. 

Ask yourself questions such as: 
What will you not take for granted again? 
Will you treat people differently? 
Will you focus more on others? 
Or will you see the bigger picture and start setting your own life goals? 

Remember if you are writing this as a speech, you must use the correct address and sign off.

You must use the correct register - formal or informal.

You should also use techniques such as repetition, rhetorical questions, statistics or anecdotes. 

Also litter your speech with pronouns - we, us, you etc - this will give your speech a sense of cohesion and helps to draw in your audience! 

I am attaching Leo V's address to the nation for some inspiration!

This article may also help support you!

The top three winning entries will be uploaded to the school website and social media pages. 

1st prize: €30 euro voucher
2nd prize: €20 euro voucher
3rd prize: €10 euro voucher

Please email your entries to your English teachers through microsoftoffice365 or Edmodo. Closing date 30th March 2020! 

Best of luck! We look forward to receiving your entries!