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Extra Curricular - Larkin Youth Theatre (12)

Larkin Youth Theatre is in its second year, we meet for 2 hours every Wednesday afternoon. It was founded under the principles of ‘Youth Theatre’; it operates as a collective with all members collaborating on ideas, thoughts and issues. The group are currently commencing work on their summer production ‘The Bridge’.

Our productions to date: 
The Youth of Today December 2015 
Dahlia Manor May 2016 
Angel December 2016 
Project Exodus December 2016 

There will be a summer course in August 2017 open to all for 1 week duration. There will be guest workshops specialising in all forms and an ensemble piece at the end of the week. We will also be holding auditions in early September 2017 for new members.

 The group are looking to the future and are working with The National Association of Youth Drama towards affiliation.