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First Year Students Win An Taisce’s GLOBE Air Quality Campaign 2019 (12)

The Event

Larkin Community College have won An Taisce’s GLOBE Air Quality Campaign 2019. Huge congratulations to our two first year students Krennly Daza from class 102 and Pavel Trigub from class103 and of course to their wonderful teacher Ms. Conway.

The students looked at the levels of NO2 in different traffic zones and compared their data to national and international levels.

They travel to Detroit, Michigan 14-19 July 2019 to take part in a NASA GLOBE Annual Eventfollowing the themes:

  1. Finding Nature in Urban Landscapes.
  2. Exploring Changing Environments.
  3. GLOBE and Technology and GLOBE Gives Back.


The Science

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is primarily a pollutant generated by traffic, especially diesel engines, and breathing it can irritate the airways and aggravate respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

The WHO (World Health Organisation) state that ''air pollution is the single biggest health risk'' and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in Ireland state that ''premature deaths attributed by air pollution in Ireland is estimates at 1510 per annum''.

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