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Green Day (14)

Green Day Wednesday 2nd of May

Well done to our Green Schools team who organised a wonderful day on Wednesday and had a huge range of activities promoting enviornmental awareness.

Some of the activities involved

A display of funky feet to promote awareness of carbon numbers in the front hall.

Placement of dual bin system recyclables (glass, paper and clean plastics)
At tutor time Bill Nye climate change video. was played and WWF Carbon Number Calculator  was displayed in the atrium.

Well done to Ms.Dunphy and Mr.Quinn who won the GreenDay slogan competition !Their slogans were: “Eat green, keep your body and earth clean”& “Don’t burn fuel, burn calories instead”

Well done to Aivis Kearns in fifth year student who guessed correctly Ms.Conways hair colour would be blue!
Green School students returned to St.Mary's Primary school to finish workshops with the students making "Cloud Goggles".
Well done to Ms. Conway and the Green Schools Team for all the planning and organising that went into the day!! 
Click here for the video of Ms Conway getting her hair dyed!