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Green Schools News March 2018 (7)

Our green schools team are very busy this term! They are currently working on the Green Schools theme of transport and spent Thursday morning on a walk with St. Marys Primary School on Dorset Street  through Blessington Basin. Gorgeous morning to be out in the fresh air.

They are also busy working on the NASA GLOBE Programme. The green schools students are doing some peer education with green schools from St. Mary's on the cloud protocol. Any recordings our team in Dublin take are sent and recorded by NASA! For example our team are working on aersols in the atmosphere. We take daily readings that  are then uploaded to the NASA site, As part of our programme we are hoping to collaborate with a French school and we also be taking part in a GLOBE conference in July in Ireland. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to see how what they learn in the classroom is applied in real life!!

Well done to everyone involved!