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Italian Competition 2018 (7)

Congratulations to our 2 prize-winners from 3rd Year - Maja & Rose.  Bravissime!

This year the Association of teachers of Italian, ATI, held nationwide competitions for the sixth year in a row. The competitions were open to junior students all around the country with a different theme for each year: “L’ italiano per me significa…” for first years, a “Cartolina dall’Italia” theme for second years and “Il Natale in Italia” for third years.  We are thrilled with our students’ participation in the competition & very proud of their effort in this learning experience.  There were a lot of participants for each group with 2 overall prize-winners.  You can see some of the photos of the entries.  Maja & Rose both from 3rd year won prizes for 1st & runner-up respectively.  Congratulations to both girls. 
Here’s an account of their day as they visited the Italian Institute of Culture on Tuesday March 10th with their Italian Language Assistant, Simone, for the prize giving ceremony:
“We really enjoyed our visit to the Italian Institute of Culture: there were parents, students and teachers from all different winning schools throughout the Country and of course lots of delicious Italian food! Once everyone arrived and was welcomed, the ceremony started. Runner up entries were called first for each year, followed by the three winning entries. Students were each invited up to receive their prize and to get pictures taken with their teachers. They all received a mug with their design printed on it and Italian treats. The winners also got a bag of Italian goodies with a dvd, a music cd, a book and many other Italian typical products both sweet and savoury. After the presentation, we had tea, coffee, different types of biscuits and croissants while chatting amongst ourselves. We also had soft drinks and savoury treats such as mini pizza, calzone, olives, focaccia etc…! We enjoyed the day very much and we are definitely going to enter again next year. We hope that you will too. Ciao a tutti!”