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Italian Week 2021 (22)

This week is “la settimana della lingua italiana nel mondo” (italian language week in the world). 

First year students have been busy watching a presentation on the history of the Italian language and colouring symbols and landmarks which have become famous all over the world through the Italian language and culture. Well done to Carolina Fernandez and Callum Flynn for winning first and second place. They won a chocolate prize for guessing the highest number of names of Italian food products and landmarks displayed in class.

Well done to 4th year students for making tassels and bracelets for Italian  week. And well done to 5th yr students Ivano, Kurt and Cebisa for winning the Kahoot quiz on Dante Alighieri, father of the Italian language. Students were rewarded with Nutella, kinder chocolate bars and Italian “ciobar” hot chocolate kits!