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JCSP Maidin Gaeilge (14)

On Monday April 1 st , 2019, students of JCSP participated in the first Maidin
Students translated traditional recipies to Irish. They also provided key word
sheets for everybody that contained the vocabulary to complete the task at
hand ‘as Gaeilge’

Student comments:
‘Great class and I learned a lot. I am interested in finding out more words in

Teacher comments:
‘A great initiative and I will definitely participate again’

Detailed description of the activities undertaken in the running of the initiative:
 The home economics teacher facilitated the imitative by selecting three recipes that
were traditionally Irish
 The students from the Junior Irish classes translated the recipes to Irish.
 A key word information sheet was created to help the students who would be baking to complete the task through Irish – Art involved here as the students made the information sheets as colourful and decorative as possible.
 The students (bakers) got into groups and each was responsible for baking their
chosen typically Irish baked good.
 Students sampled each other’s baked goodies over a nice cupán tae!