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LCA Students Work on the Big Idea (23)

Our fifth and sixth year Leaving Cert Applied students took part in the Big Idea Programme this term! Below is a sample of what they got up to each week in preparation for it.


The 602s were working on their Big Idea creativity glasses and posters! They’ll be meeting the Big Idea team mentors next week to help them build their ideas before they submit their projects in the coming weeks! Looking forward to seeing the finished projects!

Tallest Structure Competiton

6th Years LCA had great fun creating the tallest spaghetti structure as part of their Big Idea Ireland lessons.

Well done to Frankie and Aaron as they both had the tallest structure which could be moved around

Mentor Visit

Our 5th and 6th Year LCA students had a lovely visit from their mentors today, Mary Doherty and Cormac O’Conaire. The students have been working on their ideas in Vocational Prep with Ms. O’Dowd and Ms. Meehan and Social Ed with Ms.Crowe.They loved bouncing ideas around and came out really inspired by their mentors stories in the Creative Design Industry. Many thanks to Fiona and Niamh for organising, we had a great day. Looking forward to the final output in December.

Final Celebration

The 5th and 6th Year LCA class had their final celebration with The Big Idea! Students were praised for their creativity and hard work in creating their outputs and helping their heroes. All students received a personalised, framed certificate for their participation. 
Fiona and Kim commented on how impressed they were with the students determination and skill.
A huge well done to all LCA students and a big thank you to the Big Idea and all teachers involved in this programme - it was a great success.