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Library News Week Beginning 19th of March 2018 (43)

Causey Farm visit: Junior Cert Geography Field Trip

As a reward for working particularly hard during The Reading Challenge, a selection of 1st and 2nd Year students were chosen to visit Causey Farm with Jenny & Ms Neill. 

27 students accompanied us to Causey Farm on Thursday March 22nd and students had great fun making brown bread in pairs. While this was being baked for us we were shown around the farm. Matt, the farmer,  discussed the inputs and outputs of the farm production cycle and the work carried out each season. This 300 acre farm produces has 200 beef cattle ,300 sheep ( and 90 lambs so far) they also grow wheat and barley. 

We then visited the lambing sheds and saw some newborn lambs which some of our students fed later and we were also shown how to milk a cow and several of us gave this a go. We visited slatted sheds and learned about silage and all the work that needs to be done to feed the animals during the winter months. We also saw some calves, geese a horse  and fed Lulu, the goat. 

We then got a lift on a tractor and trailer to visit a raised bog and we learned about the history and geography and flora of Irish bogs. Several adventurous students crossed a particularly wet part of the bog on monkey bars and a couple even decided to jump in. Luckily all stuck students got pulled out and the lost shoes were retrieved and everyone managed to change into dry clothes before collecting our brown bread and getting the bus back to school.

We had a great day and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Nigel Hinton Visit 

Award winning author Nigel Hinton will visit Larkin Library on Friday 13th April.

He will speak to students during their English classes in the Library on Friday morning and afternoon. In preparation for this visit we have been reading several of Nigel Hinton’s books during Library class. 

If anyone has read some of the below titles and would like to attend one of his talks please speak to Jenny about this. If you would like to borrow one of Nigel Hinton’s books in advance of the talk please come to the Library or use the Overdrive app or your public library over the Easter holidays.

Teen Turn

3rd Year girls from Larkin have been invited to participate in a 2 week internship in a technology company during the summer. Last summer 15 of our students were given the opportunity to participate and all of them successfully completed their 2 weeks Work Experience, each were assigned individual mentors and learned a huge amount. 

Girls who are interested in participating please speak to Jenny for an application form. We will hold a quick information session after Easter in the library for those interested.

Zoom Ahead with Books 

It is our pleasure to host the Zoom Ahead with Books initiative with children from the Foundations Project & their ‘Book Buddies’ from the Central Bank - managed by The Early Learning Initiative at NLI. This paired reading initiative happens after school on Thursdays.


The volunteer mentors from KPMG are still working hard with Ms Hynes’s 5th Year class on their Question 1 Final Accounts in Larkin Library on Wednesday mornings. It’s a pleasure to see them so hard at work.

Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club has now moved downstairs to the library. All students are welcome to attend from 8am. 

Anime Club

Anime Club will take place on Friday during lunchtime

RTE Short Stories

Last call for RTE Short Story entries - last date for emailing entries is today Friday 23rd March

Kevin Sutherland

Our first year students had a fantastic time working with the amazingly talented Kevin Sutherland on Tuesday! The group were working on designing comic book covers which they created using their own ideas and designs from the Larkin Library. Great work guys.