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NEIC TY Flash Mentoring Programme (31)

TY Student Lea Kardos Shares Her Reflections on the TY Flash Mentoring

January 2021

I really enjoyed NEIC Flash Mentoring because it helped me get out of my comfort zone and try new things out. At the beginning of it I already knew what I wished to do when I finish school, but most students still do not have anything specific in mind, so I believe that the meetings were quite useful to all students.

The one to one meetings also taught me about other jobs that I did not know existed or did not look into. I signed up for the meetings because I thought they would broaden my mind and  give me different perspectives which they did.

I met Stephanie Harris who is a Personnel Officer in the Dept of An Taoiseach and I really enjoyed her telling me about her job and what she does on a daily basis, as well as her asking me about what I wish to do.

The mentors also helped me understand what college will be like and how to deal with it whcih I was not expecting. While talking about college some of them also mentioned that their jobs are not related at all to what they studied in college. I think that speaking about college was really important because most of us worry that without college we cannot get good jobs.

Another person I spoke to was Mark Traynor who is a Solicitor in A & L Goodbody. I enjoyed speaking to him because law is something I am considering for when I leave school. He told me what he does and things he likes/dislikes about his role. I found it to be a really interesting session.

I hope next year’s TY’s will have the same opportunity as us to speak to people from different jobs and to figure out what they want to do in the future. I have found it really useful. I am thankful to Miss Hynes for organising these meetings, to the NEIC and to the people who have volunteers who have given up their time to take part in the programme with us. 


Session 2

TYstudents had a great NEIC Flash Mentoring session on Friday morning with volunteers from A and L Goodbody, Mater Foundation, The Office of An Taoiseach, Cairn Homes, and The Wheel. Great for students to get an insight into so many different industries&careers!Thank you all so much for your time!

Session 1

We kicked off the NEIC Flash Mentoring Programme today for our TY students. It was a fantastic opportunity for students to talk to professionals who work around the city and also to build and develop upon their digital communication skills.

Huge thank you to John Ruigrok from the NEIC for coordinating the programme and to the employees of AIG, A&L Goodbody, The Mater Hospital, Dept of Business Enterprise & Innovation, Dept of Education, Dept of An Taoiseach, Dept of Education, Trust in Soda, State Street and the Central Bank for giving up time from their busy schedules to work with our students.

The feedback from students was so positive and they loved chatting to you all and learning about how you got on in school and how you go to where you are now.

Thank you to Ms. Creighton, Ms. Kelly and Ms. Muldoon for supporting our students today.