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Relationship Keepers Visit State Street offices with NCI (13)

The schools relationship keepers enjoyed a fantastic morning with the National College of Ireland in the State Street offices. They got to view the amazing sculpture "fearless girl " created bu artist Kristine Visbal. It allowed students to discuss the power of Art and it's message of equaloty in the work place. The sculpture allowed conversaation to happpen  and has helped to promote equality in the work place and the power of female leadership globally.

Students also received great advice on future careers and meet the inspiring Maria Walsh who was The Rose of Tralee in 2014. Maria gave an empowering talk to the students on empowering young woman and the acceptance of a more diverse society. She spoke about young people being the leaders of the future who support each other and differences and the power of speaking up to support the LGBTQI society.

At the end  students got to view Dublin city from the 7th floor of the State Street building. Thankyou to the National College of Ireland and State Street for the wonderful experience and care of our students.