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Senior Business (11)

Sixth year business students have being trialing out some of the ILP prinipals.

Here is a gallery of some of the work we have done to help us with our revision.


As a means of summarising the chapter on types of business we decided to break into teams and work on mind maps. Each group were given a topic and a blank sheet of paper and had  to summarise the information in the section and make it eye catching. All students made a great effort and mind maps is a skill we will strive to continually develop.

TGT Tournament

As a menas of revising Unit 1 before our Christmas test we decided to try out the TGT tournament. Students again were really engaged and enjoyed the competitive nature of the game! The questions were framed using Blooms Taxonomy and encouraged students to develop their answering techniques.

We are really looking forward to trying out more of these activities!