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Silent Lunch Retreat To Glendalough (59)

The Silent Lunch group has been enjoying a Silent Lunch experience in Larkin for over three years now.  
This February of 2018 we had our first ever retreat. We went to Glendalough.
Sr Margaret from the Glendalough Hermitage Centre led us on a pilgrimage walk of the area and showed us where St Kevin lived. She showed us also how to throw our demons into the lake for a day! 
Localise helped us to prepare for the Volunteering Shield Award for Larkin. 
Pauline and Sr Margaret at the Brocagh Resource Centre kindly fed us and gave us a workshop space to work in with Localise. Skye MD found herself a new friend- Tracey the lemon! We all fell in love with Tracey!
We walked to our hostel and checked in. We cooked dinner together. Bao Chao and Tamzin led the kitchen teams. We ate together and washed up. We had yummy chicken nuggets, chips, Thai curry and delicious desserts. Later that evening Maija and Diane started us off with a sing song and the other guests in the hostel loved listening to the beautiful singing.
We headed to bed at around 10pm. 
We got up at 6am and walked into the dawn on the lake. We painted the magnificent scenery. We then walked back and had a delicious breakfast. 
After breakfast we checked out of our rooms and did a short workshop to reflect on our trip. We finished up with a meditation.  Skye and Kirstyn held a funeral to say goodbye to Tracey and we wished them well. 
We headed to the Glendalough Visitor Centre for a talk and to look at an exhibition and film about the area. Then we had a picnic in the very cold outdoors and waited for our bus to arrive to bring us back to Dublin. 
The students were a credit to their families and to the school. It was a very special experience and one we will treasure forever. Thanks to Mr Usher for helping it to happen.