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Students Perform McSwinners in the Peacock (14)

McSwinners is a piece of work which explores access to third level education. The play serves to highlight the positives and negatives which can sometimes be associated with the scary prospect of making the transition from second level to the unchartered waters of higher education. 

Topics such as financial constraints, family strains, disadvantage, perception of others, addiction and social problems were all unearthed throughout the course of this production with plenty of inner city humour and slagging added in for good measure!

A massive Thank you to the Abbey Theatre (Phil Kingston and Karl Quinn in particular) for facilitating this project and allowing our students to have such a fantastic opportunity to grace the infamous Peacock Stage and creating teenage memories that will last well beyond their school days.

Here's to more original, topical and creative pieces next year! Thanks to Mandy O Neill for the beautiful portraits!