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Tale as Old As Time - Meet the Cast (16)


Welcome to Larkin’s 2019 production

Tale as Old as Time!

This year, Larkin’s Arts Scholarship classes decided to spend most of the year reworking the timeless classic Beauty and the Beast!

Our students have been extremely busy over the past few months, honing their acting skills, developing dance routines and stretching their vocal chords for what we hope to be a truly memorable performance.

Our 2019 Arts Scholarship students would like to take this opportunity to thank our Principal, Thomas Usher and our Deputy Principal, Deirdre Doyle for making the necessary arrangements so that we could showcase our talents for you!

We would also like to thank all the teachers and staff who took time out of their busy schedules to assist in whatever way they could- without your help, we wouldn’t have been able to create the thoroughly enjoyable performance you’re about to witness!

So, in the words of Lumiere…

It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight.

And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up a

chair as the dining room proudly presents…


‘Tale as Old as Time.’


We hope you Enjoy!

Main Character List

Ana Maria Nita: 3RD Year Ana Maria is our productions leading lady! Ana’s singing and acting talents as well as her dedication and reliability won her the coveted role of ‘Belle.’

Ruslan Kalachov: 3rd year Ruslan is a natural actor. His range of raw emotions and huge stage presence, as well as his passion for acting, secured him the role of ‘The Beast/Prince.’

Diane Hrisovescu: 3rd year Diane is a born entertainer! Her bright, bubbly and infectious personality as well as her singing talents earned her the role of ‘Lumiere.’

Trinity Moore: 3rd Year Trinity is little Miss Sass with a vocal range to match! Trinity doesn’t take fools gladly, much like her character ‘Mrs Potts.’

Amelia Jackewicz: 3rd Year Amelia is an unassuming natural actor. She can display a wide range of emotions and is hugely dedicated and reliable! Her versatile acting talent earned her the role of ‘Maurice.’ Amelia is a multitalented student who also designed our production’s accompanying poster.

Mansi Neerputh: 3rd Year Mansi was the perfect choice for charming ‘Chip.’ Mansi is hardworking, dedicated and always brings her characters to life with a smile!

Karl Harmon: 1st year Karl garnered our attention on his very first day of Larkin due to his natural acting talent and his bold charisma. Karl displays confidence beyond his years which has earned him the part of our production’s Villain ‘Gaston.’ 

Gizelle Roldan: 2nd Year Gizelle is bright and bubbly and is always so cheerful – not the traits you’d associate with our play’s most irritable protagonist. Yet due to her acting flair and talent, Gizelle has been able to put her own very distinct mark on the role of Cantankerous ‘Cogsworth.’

Arianna Badulet: 1st Year Arianna was the perfect choice for the lively character of feather duster ‘Babette.’ Arianna is already a pro and most definitely is one to watch over the next few years!

Moyen Olusona: 3rd year Moyen can be quiet and shy in person – the complete opposite to the loud and outspoken character of ‘Madame Grand Bouche’ a.k.a the wardrobe! It is testament to Moyen that when we get her onto the stage, another character emerges!

Zinedin Labelle: 1st Year Zinedin was perfect for the part of our loveable sidekick Lefou! Zinedin is a fantastic singer and actor and has taken on the role of Lefou with aplomb.

Aleksandra Swiderska: 3rd Year Aleksandra’s dead pan, dry humour and wise cracking personality make her the perfect choice for the castle’s most ratty resident ‘Cogsworth.’