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Teen Turn Internships Graduation (7)

Well done to the following students who worked in local technology companies over the summer doing a Teen-Turn technology internship: Alannah, Taylor, Caitlin, Ali, Chloe, Cody, Paulina, Kirstyn, Shanice, Sonia, Tinu, Rose, Greta, Zion and Jaya.

Students were given an opportunity to chat about their experiences with their classmates and teachers on Friday in the library over pizza  

The girls wrote a daily blog about their experiences - most of them were involved in programming /app development and made presentations to their host company before they finished. The girls had meetings with a variety of staff members such as trend forecasters, visual merchandisers, data scientists, developers and project managers who explained their career-paths to the girls. Each of them had a female mentor who tried to help develop their interests in STEM subjects and several have been invited back for Work Experince.

Some of the companies that they were placed with included:

BT, Davy, ebay, HEAnet, Jazz Pharma, Novartis, Pivotal, Primark, Rockall Tech and Zalando