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The New Play Company’s production Haughey | Gregory By Colin Murphy (17)

On Monday 29th April, two special performances of Haughey|Gregory took place in Larkin Community College. The school was built through the efforts of Tony Gregory and his colleagues. An afternoon performance was shown to 5th & 6th year students studying History, English and Politics and Society. These invited students are from each of the six secondary schools in the North East Inner City.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Fishamble’s Haughey|Gregory by Colin Murphy, directed by Conall Morrison, tells the story of the Gregory Deal in 1982. Tony Gregory takes a surprise Dáil seat - and suddenly finds himself holding the balance of power. Can Gregory use his vote to achieve something for his constituents? Can he help fix Dublin’s housing crisis? To do so, he will have to face off against the dominant personality of Irish politics - Charles J Haughey.