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TY Skills at Work Programme 2020 (13)

Session 2

Thank you to Sharon, Sandra and Denise from Marks and Spencers for coming in today and talking to our TY students aboutthe history of Marks and Spencers and how it came to be in Ireland. They then advised students about how to best present a CV from a HR perspective.

The highlight of the morning was where Denise and Sandra did a role play of a good and bad interview. It taught the students the importance of first impressions and how attention to detail can big a big difference.

Huge thank to the girls for giving up their morning to work with the transition years. Getting a hands on practical workshop likes this really helps to get students thinking about the working world and the importance of first impressions.

Session 1

Thank you to Cliona from Business in the Community for coming in on Wednesday to speak to both our TY groups about the Skills at Work Programme. 

The students will be working with our long term partners Marks and Spencers over the coming weeks preparing themselves for the World of Work. Cliona explained how the programme would work for the studens and outlined what is expected of them!! We are really excited to begin working with both Business in the Community and Marks and Spencers again this year!