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TY Woodwork Work With NEIC (4)

Well done to our TY woodwork class who have undertaken a practical yet socially minded project for the NEIC Big Scream festival this October. 

Students alongside carpenter Matt Hueber and Woodwork teacher Colm McCourt, have begun the progress of turning plain, disused and disregarded palettes into beautiful usable wooden chairs!

The project also has a social element to it as we want to get the message out there that the palettes (which can be somewhat controversial in our area) can be made into something sustainable and useful rather than burnt in the attempt of having the biggest bonfire - which only lasts for a few hours! 

The TYs will finish off and paint the chairs in their next class with Matt. They will then be exhibited on the annual Big Scream Launch on Tuesday 22nd October.  

We can't wait to see the finished products!