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World Book Day Events 2017 Larkin Community College (6)

We had a shelf-ful of events for WBD 2017 in Larkin. 
We hosted a “Books with Breakfast” for all students and staff on WBD, with pastries, fruit, bagels and cereal set out on tables in the main hall.  One corner of the breakfast area was taken over by our “Mobile Library”, where we put our library’s sofas and cushions and a wheelie book stand full of interesting reads and WBD books.  The books were also mixed in amongst the food, which encouraged students to take a book with their food.  The event was a big success, getting everyone talking about books, and many took home the free WBD books with them.  It was so popular, in fact, that we are considering a monthly mobile library event.  We are redefining the library, bringing the library out of its usual space and into the middle of where the students congregate! 

An English teacher, Ms Colin, came up with a useful web site called “Whatimreading.org” which lets the user create posters stating what each teacher is reading, eg “Ms Colin is reading…..” with a picture of the book cover.  These were printed and stuck around that school and on the relevant teachers’ doors.  A slideshow of the posters was displayed on the large screen in the hall during the WBD Breakfast. We created a Kahoot  book quiz specific to Larkin for teachers to give to students in class, and we held the quiz with several classes.

We brought a bunch of the best readers (students who had read a million words and those well on the way) to the bookshop on WBD to choose a book each.  We had a great time, seeing and discussing their choices.  It was beneficial for the students to talk to other good readers, considering some of them are in different years!  We then brought them for ice-cream and one of them suggested that we use the ice-cream reward as an incentive to get others to read more in future.

Author Rod Smith who works nearby and already has been volunteering to come into our library once a month and and speak to students interested in creative-writing.  He presented each student who attended with a poetry book.

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