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Junior Cert and Leaving Cert Examinations 2017

Best of luck to all students sitting the Junior Cert, Leaving Cert and Leaving Cert Applied.

Click the timetables below to double check when your exams are.

Please be in the school at least 30 minutes before the first exam on Wednesday 7th June. So,all Junior Cert and Leaving Cert students should be in by 9:00am and Leaving Cert Applied Students should be in by 9:15am.

Leaving Certificate Examination & Leaving Certificate Applied Examination Timetable 2017


Junior Certificate/Cycle Examination Timetable 2017



Timeline from Leaving Cert to CAO offers for leaving cert students.

Reminder 1st of July is the final day for any course changes.

Timeline from Leaving Cert to CAO course offers 2017

What to expect after the exams from LC results to CAO college course offers