We have worked with Irish Life over the past number of years on a mentoring programme for senior cycle students. Now they are our business partners with P-Tech and have also been running a Coder Dojo class for our students. We are very lucky to have Irish Life on board and we are very grateful for the time and effort they put in to working with our students.

Our P-Tech students have been on visits to Irish Life and the mentors have also been to Larkin College for different activities, pre Covid obviously. We have all had to adapt so now we have online events which are working out great, thanks to the gret work being done by Su and all the mentors. In February 2022 when this year's 3rd years are in Transition year they will be lucky enough to be doing internships in Irish Life. If you want more information about our P-Tech Program go to our P-Tech page on our website.

Some of our students have also been visiting Irish Life for Coderdojo classes which were organised by Jessica with the help of Kevin, Caroline and even more mentors. Unfortunately these had to stop last March, but it would be great if we could get this back up and running again next September. Fingers crossed.

Click on the galleries below to see photos of some of the recent events.



P-Tech page on our website