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Junior and Leaving Cert 2021

Information about the state exams will appear here when it is available.


Junior and Leaving Cert 2019

Click here for the Leaving Cert Timetable 2019

Click here for the Junior Cert Timetable 2019


Junior and Leaving Cert 2018

Information about the above exams will appear here. 

Leaving Certifcate and Leaving Cert Applied Timtable 2018

Key Dates for Leaving Certificate and Leaving Cert Applied Students 2018

Junior Certificate Timetable 2018

Key Dates for Junior Certificate Students 2018

Junior and Leaving Cert 2018

State Examination Contact Directory

JC Entry Form -Done

JC and LC Fees - Done


Leaving Cert

LC Irish Oral - Done

LC Italian Oral -Done

LC Russian Oral - Done

LC French Oral - Done

LC Music Practicals - Done

LC Geography Project - Handed in

LC History Project - Due in 

LC Art Practicals - Done

LC – Non Curricular Languages listed below will be held on Monday 18th June from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

       – For 2018 these examinations are offered in the following subjects:
Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian,Slovenian, Modern Greek, Finnish, Polish, Estonian, Slovakian,Swedish, Czech, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Croatian, Maltese

LC Art - examining of projects – June

Junior Cert

JC Music Practicals - Done

JC Home Ec- Done

JC Art Practicals - Done

JC Art – examining of projects – June

JC Woodwork - examining of projects – June



LCA - 502 and 602 Tasks deadline - Done

LCA - Yr1 & Yr2 - Personal Reflection Task (PRT) - Done

LCA - HCT Exam - Done

LCA - Italian Orals Done

LCA - English Orals - Done

LCA - Irish Orals - Done

LCA Yr1 - 501 & 502 – Spanish - Thursday 7th June 2pm to 3pm Room 121