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The role of School Chaplain

What is a school chaplain? What do chaplains do?

  • A chaplain is someone who draws out the Spirit of the members of the school community. 

Do you have to train to be a Chaplain?

  • Chaplains in Ireland have a theological education. 

Who is the Chaplain in Larkin Community College?

  • Máire O’Higgins.

What does the school Chaplain in Larkin Community College do? 

  • Our success as a school is down to the fact that our staff are generous and we work together to make things happen for our students. We do all of this with love.

Some of the work of the Chaplain includes:

  • Listening
  • Being present with students who ask for some time out to just breathe
  • Developing meditation and mindfulness programmes and initiatives 
  • Attending care team meetings once a week 
  • Advocating for young people’s and colleagues’ rights
  • Encouraging the creativity and passion of the students and staff
  • Supporting students to nurture their journey towards the world of work
  • Managing some of the arts and culture partnerships in the school 
  • Celebrating diversity in the school community
  • Building the skills of empathy and compassion and kindness with students and staff
  • Working with others to organise celebratory events like the 6th year Graduation 
  • Remembering and honouring those who have died in our school community 
  • Practicing Restorative Practices with students and staff
  • Managing the Silent Lunch experience twice a week
  • Supporting 1st Years as their Year Head
  • Helping the Home School Liaison Teacher with a Parent Council
  • Supporting the JCSP programme for Junior Cycle students
  • Supporting the development of the Larkin Youth Theatre

Weekly Wellbeing Newsletter

Wellbeing newsletter week beginning 30th of March 2020

Wellbeing newsletter Week Beginning 23rd of March 2020


The Irish writer John O Donohue said ............

Compassion is the ability to vitally imagine what it is like to be an other, the force that makes a bridge from the island of one individuality to the island of the other. It is an ability to step outside your own perspective, limitations and ego, and become attentive in a vulnerable, encouraging, critical, and creative way with the hidden world of another person.

The American writer Maya Angelou said .............. 

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

The Tibetan 14th Dalai Lama said............. 

My religion is kindness.

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